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General Terms and Conditions

Pursuant to Article 5 of the Articles of Association of Farmakem d.o.o., Bohova 73, 2311 Hoče, company identification no.: 3738256000, on 22 April 2016 the Director, Bernard Fridrih, adopted the following:

General Terms and Conditions

The Farmakem d.o.o. company deals with the supply of products to pharmaceutical and healthcare legal and natural entities. In accordance with the Medicinal Products Act and permits, granted by the Agency of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of the Republic of Slovenia (JAZMP), the company performs activities related to the wholesale of medicinal products, food supplements and pharmaceutical excipients that can be purchased only by legal and natural entities who are allowed to perform activities related to the wholesale and retail sale of medicinal products, and by pharmacies.

If the buyer orders goods at Farmakem d.o.o., it is considered that they have been informed of and agree with the entire General Terms and Conditions. Farmakem d.o.o. reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions have been compiled in accordance with the Medicinal Products Act, the Medical Devices Act and the Electronic Commerce Market Act.

1. Information about the services provider

Sales are carried out by Farmakem d.o.o., Bohova 73, 2311 Hoče.

2. Validity of prices

All prices in valid price lists are indicated in euros. The prices in the price list are indicated without VAT or VAT is indicated in exceptional cases.

3. Placing orders for goods

Farmakem d.o.o. reserves the right to demand that the buyer submit appropriate evidence on the completion of the prescribed conditions. Buyers can order goods via email info@farmakem.si on the prescribed form (“Purchase Order”) 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, whereas each order shall be processed by the provider: a) on the same day if the order is submitted via email on a working day from 7:00 to 15:00; b) on the first following working day if the order is sent after 15:00 or on a non-working day.

The legal transaction shall be deemed concluded when Farmakem d.o.o. confirms the order by sending feedback via email. From that moment, all prices and other conditions shall be fixed and shall apply to the service provider and the buyer. Upon order preparation at the warehouse, the buyer shall receive an email notifying the buyer of order preparation and indicating the envisaged delivery date.

4. Delivery of goods

Farmakem d.o.o. shall deliver the ordered goods by itself or via an authorised contractual partner. Goods delivery shall be limited to the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. Delivery shall be free of charge for orders exceeding or equalling EUR 200.00 (without VAT) and for buyers who have concluded a contract on business collaboration with Farmakem d.o.o. The buyer shall pay manipulation costs in the amount of EUR 6.00/order for any order in the amount less than EUR 200.00.

Farmakem d.o.o. reserves the right to modify prices at its discretion. Delivery is free of charge for buyers with whom Farmakem d.o.o. has concluded contracts on business collaboration. Delivery costs shall be charged only for express deliveries. Delivery shall be made to the address that the buyer writes at order submission. If there is no person at the address to accept the delivery, the delivery service provider shall leave a notification that the goods are prepared for delivery. The frequency of deliveries is defined in the contract on collaboration.

5. Complaints

The complaint deadline is 8 days from the receipt of goods. The complaint can be filed on a written complaint form. For further information regarding complaints, buyers can contact us via telephone no. 00386 (0)2 620 07 91 or email address info@farmakem.si. If the packaging of the goods is open or damaged, the goods cannot be returned.

6. Payment terms

The payment deadline is 8 days from the receipt of the invoice or in accordance with the contract on collaboration.

7. Confidential information

“Confidential information” means all business, commercial, financial and technical information and other information that Farmakem d.o.o. considers confidential and that is compiled in any form, including price lists, promotional and presentation material.

8. Data protection

The buyer permits Farmakem d.o.o. to collect and use data that Farmakem d.o.o. will use only for internal purposes and for the needs of the realisation of the contract on collaboration or individual order. The data are kept exclusively in the internal databases of Farmakem d.o.o. and cannot be accessed by third parties. The buyer shall be obliged to refrain from using, misusing or in any other manner sending third parties the submitted confidential data without the prior explicit written consent of the service provider, except for the realisation of the business purpose arising from the contract on collaboration and each specific order.

9. Seller’s responsibility

Farmakem d.o.o. will with due care and diligence carry out all order and delivery processes for the ordered goods.

10. Care for buyers

With its products and services, Farmakem d.o.o. shall provide for the reliable, timely and comprehensive care of its buyers.

11. Court jurisdiction

The parties shall resolve any disputes by common consent. If an agreement between the parties is not possible, the disputes shall be settled by the competent court of jurisdiction in Maribor.

12. Other conditions

Farmakem d.o.o. will strive to update all data, but shall not be held liable for any potential errors or inaccuracies regarding the content.

Farmakem d.o.o.