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About Us

Farmakem Ltd Farmakem was founded in December 2015 by four partners being focussed from the start on R&D, production, supply, distribution and commercialisation of cannabis/hemp industry.

From the start Farmakem has been focused on both pharmaceutical as well food and cosmetic of cannabis industry and worked with established EU providers of starting materials and end products to be supplied to customers in EU and worldwide.

Our focus is on research and development (R&D),
production, supply, distribution, and commercialisation of active pharmaceutical
ingredients, starting materials for further food and cosmetic production and end
products within the medical cannabis/hemp industry.

Licensed pharmaceutical company
Farmakem has obtained licences for the international wholesale, import and export of more than 150 APIs (including CBD and THC, some narcotics and psychoactive substances), medical devices and food supplements including:

MEDICAL CANNABIS (cannabis flower)





First on the market
First company in Slovenia to obtain approval to import medicinal cannabis products and derivates. Farmakem offers a range of good manufacturing practice (GMP) products with various novel delivery technologies for both the human and veterinary use already for sale and in R&D stages.
The winner of public tender
Farmakem Ltd is in 2019 again (already second time) the winner of CANNABIDIOL supply at the public
tender to the largest and referential health institution in Slovenia, University
clinical Centre Ljubljana.
GMP lab
Estimated in the next six months Farmakem will become a GMP pharma grade API‘s producer working together with its strategic partner from European partners.

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