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Pharmaceutical ingredients

Pharmaceutical GMP quality cannabinoids

Farmakem trades Cebexan - own brand phytocannabidiol (CBD) of natural origin. Cebexan is for pharmaceutical use in extemporaneously prepared medicines. Farmakem maintains the highest pharmaceutical standards through accredited laboratory analytics and different validated testing. Current stability supports 24 months »shelf life«/»retest period« while ongoing test supporting 36 months real time stability.
01. Phyto-Cannabidiol - CBD (Cebexan™)
Cebexan™ is a GMP pharmaceutical grade phyto-cannabidiol (CBD), isolate of natural origin, compliant with DAC/NRF specifications and following general provisions of European Pharmacopoeia. Cebexan™ is used for preparation of extemporaneously prepared medicines in hospitals and pharmacies (for human and veterinary use).
02. Synthetic Cannabidiol - CBD (Cebexan-S™)
Synthetic pharmaceutical GMP grade cannabidiol (CBD), manufactured in Germany, used mainly for manufacturing of cosmetic products.
03. Medical Cannabis, flowers
Pharmaceutical GMP grade of Medical Cannabis, flowers, species Cannabis Sativa, PhEur compliant, various THC content (8 - 22 %), for medical use only.
04. Products in development
Cannabis-extract with 5 % of delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content (Dronaxan™) Pharmaceutical grade cannabis-extract 5 % of delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol oil resine (of natural origin) will comply with DAC/NRF specifications and the general provisions of European Pharmacopoeia for use in extemporaneously prepared medicines (for human and veterinary use). Product might not be available in all EU countries and will be manufactured and distributed under Farmakem's brand Dronaxan™.
05. More cannabinoids isolates are in development, including THC, CBG and others.

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